Sharon South Homes

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A unique, 26-acre private Townhome community on the cusp of SouthPark in south Charlotte.

Sharon South Homes Association is
a majority OWNER-occupied,
private Townhome community
Sharon South Homes Association contains 203 privately-owned townhomes adjacent to Quail Hollow and on the cusp of the SouthPark neighborhood.

Via an amendment to our CCRs, rental units are kept at a minimum
for a better quality of life.

We are zoned for single family living and are located off of Sharon Road West, approximately .5 mile from the Sharon Road West Lynx lightrail station.
(excluding Sharon South II*) 

Garden-style, single-level units
2 & 3-story units
2-3 bedrooms
Some customed-designed patios
A minimum of rental units - a maximum of owner-occupied homes
26 acres of enviable green space!

Potential new homeowners (not investors),
please go to the Amenities page to learn more!
Next board meeting:
Monday, April 17
(Sharon South is on the GREEN weeks for recycling)
We are not condominiums or rental apartments, nor do we solicit outside investors
(*Sharon South II and Park Lane Apartments are adjacent but distinct and separate communities.  For information on those properties, kindly contact those organizations separately and do not contact Cedar Management or the Sharon South HOA about them.)
Please: No soliciting at Sharon South.  We are private property.