Sharon South Homes

General Neighborhood Rules


A complete set of rules may be found in your book of governing documents.  The rules posted on this website are only highlights.  We hope to bring the comprehensive list of rules up to date during 2013.  Cable TV has not been a part of the monthly assessment for several years.


Homeowners & Residents:
Please contact Cedar Management if you need a set of governing documents.
Each and every homeowner is required to possess these documents for as long as
they own a home at Sharon South.
Renters should also have a copy.  They are obligated to abide by all rules as well.


  • The purpose of these broad policies is to maintain a high quality of life for the families of Sharon South as well as to protect each owner’s property investment.
  • Each Association member has the authority and responsibility to enforce/report all Sharon South rules when violations occur.
  • Sharon South will do everything possible to resolve violations amicably but reserves the ultimate right to fine violators and to tow unauthorized vehicles.





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